Shakespeare would be a great Tweeter!

Shakespeare had an amazing gift, to convey a complex idea, or vivid image in a small number of words.  In fact many of the phrases and idioms that are part of common speech today, are sourced from Shakespeare’s work. I attended the University of Warwick, located about 10 miles from Stratford on Avon, home of the Bard […]

Cycling and being in the present moment….

How I experience mindfulness through exercise

I was riding my bike this morning, spectacular day here in South Florida, warm and windy, my favorite weather!  I find cycling somewhat meditative.  That’s when I am able to be totally in the present moment, just aware of the sights and sounds.  When my mind gets very quiet, the magic starts to happen. My friend Marty Nathan, […]

Solopreneur, 56, Technically Challenged, working to stay current.

The pace of technological change is astonishing.  The way we communicate, interact, study, travel, take care of ourselves – it has all changed.  I often hear people speaking wistfully of the “good old days” simpler times. When we had “real conversations, not texts, children played outside, the world was altogether a better place, before the […]