Cycling and being in the present moment….

How I experience mindfulness through exercise

I was riding my bike this morning, spectacular day here in South Florida, warm and windy, my favorite weather!  I find cycling somewhat meditative.  That’s when I am able to be totally in the present moment, just aware of the sights and sounds.  When my mind gets very quiet, the magic starts to happen.

My friend Marty Nathan, fellow cyclist and meditation teacher (amongst other things, he also has an outstanding counseling practice and specializes in hypnosis … but I digress) Marty also finds cycling meditative, he says it is the steady rhythm and focused attention.

Having done some research on this,  (ok I Googled it!) I found that there are in fact documented links between meditation and cycling, and other forms of exercise like long distance running, surfing, and skiing. There are even tips and techniques for how to get the most out of your exercise meditations.  And here I thought I had discovered this.

I feel I have room to think when I am cycling, I am able to quiet my mind of all the chatter, the to do lists, etc.  And often solutions to problems I have been fretting about, or ideas for moving my business forward pop into my head.

I am also able to think bigger.  Really think outside the box, and I have some of my most inspiring and whacky ideas when riding.  My mom calls this my Pedal Pondering.  I like that name, it has a simplicity, not too serious, somewhat free.

Do you ever find that you become immersed in your computer, or your work and that you are thinking more and more about less and less?  When you get out and take a short walk, go for a change of scenery – suddenly your mind expands.  Solutions to problems you were wrestling with, magically appear?

So I will be sharing some of my Pedal Ponderings in future blogs.  The organized part of me says, create a schedule, decide subjects for blog posts.  The pondering side says that if I just get out in the clear morning light, riding along the ocean, warm and windy – that the thoughts will come.

I would love to hear about your experience of “active” meditation.  When do you experience your most creative thoughts?

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