About Me

My journey to a "Beach Home Based Business"

All roads lead to the Coast.

I am a serial entrepreneur

I have always loved the beach, loved everything coastal, loved the sea –

Coastal Living is my favorite magazine

Palm trees are my favorite trees

Turquoise is my favorite color

For many years I have been searching for the perfect business to support my coastal lifestyle and provide time freedom.  I have owned several businesses; including a retail store, and an online store both specializing in accessories for coastal living.

Living by the sea for the past 30 years I realized early on, it was not enough to live at the coast if you are spending 60 hours a week commuting and working in an office.  I remember driving the long way home from that first job in the city, adding to my commute time, just to catch a glimpse of the ocean.   So early on I became obsessed with the idea of creating income for my coastal lifestyle – first I had a retail store with accessories for coastal living, in a beautiful seaside town in New England.  I loved so many things about that store: building something of my own, that reflected my love of the coast;  the loyal customers, many of whom remain dear friends to this day; looking for beautiful, unique, personal and home accessories to enhance the coastal lifestyle. I also enjoyed the contrast of seasons, from to hot lazy summer days, to the frenzy and excitement of the holidays, the rhythm of life in a small New England town.  I was not in love with store hours especially around the holidays, I wanted more time to spend with my family and friends. And eventually the cold winters became less fun.

Palm trees and turquoise waters were calling, and I moved to south Florida, “going where the weather suits my clothes …..”  I toyed with the idea of opening a brick and mortar store specializing in coastal accessories.  However,  I wanted to create an income stream that would allow me to travel as I pleased, to work when I wanted and play when I wanted.  I was not prepared to give up the time freedom that I had created, I wanted to have my crabcake and eat it too.

Eureka! I discovered Social Commerce – I could build a business on my own time, on my own terms, work as much or as little as I liked, work from anywhere I pleased, from the Caribbean beaches to a Maine lighthouse – all I needed was a phone and internet connection.  No inventory, no handling of cash, no handling of returns, no building websites, no store hours, no need to plan vacation in advance, no staffing for holiday rush and best of all no limit on my earning potential.  I had literally found my golden ticket – and honestly I still pinch myself and cannot believe this is real sometimes.

The best part is that I now get to help other people realize their dreams, and create their own beach-home based businesses.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I can feel the warm sea breeze and smell the salt air… Good for you, Caroline, for creating your dreams by listening to and following your heart. I am inspired by your belief in yourself and your courage. Thank you!

  2. Such a wonderful, inspiring and most interesting article. We should all aspire to this independent, varied and enviable lifestyle! Give us some tips on how to accomplish this…..